Total Spa Services guarantees all its work and strives to provide timely service.  Service call fees are $70.00, $60/hour labor charge, parts and taxes.  Call Pete for an estimate based on your description of the need or problem.  Payment is due upon completion by Cash or Personal Check.

Service List

Maintenance Service can be arranged either on an as-needed basis or retainer.  A retainer agreement provides you a flat rate.  Maintenance Service includes services such as…

· Regularly scheduled cleaning, fluid, filter, and chemical checks.

· Spring/Fall Openings or Closing of your tub, as you wish.

· You define, let us know what your needs are.

Maintenance Service

Repair Service is when your tub is not functioning as it should.  Do not hesitate for an estimate based upon your description or if your tub if freezing in winter or experiencing a catastrophic leak. 

Immediate attention is always best whenever you are aware of a problem as postponing service may lead to further damage to your tub.

Repair Service

Phone:  513-877-3080

Fax:  513-877-3584

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TSS stocks a supply of filters, chemicals, accessories, spa covers, spa cover lifters, etc. for sale to TSS customers.  Out of stock items can usually be obtained in 2 business days or less.  Contact Pete to place your order.